Chose to cheat!

Now I have your attention this title does not mean cheat on your partner that’s just wrong, but when I say chose to cheat I mean have a cheat day! That’s right you can eat your favourite chocolate or crisps or have a take away. It’s not illegal.

People think that by being into fitness it means you can never eat chocolate again, guys you’re not training to become the next pure elite bikini championships!

It is possible to be fit and still have a treat, now I’m not saying go and grab a trolley, stuff it with doughnuts, 4 large pizzas, a fudge cake and 8 litres of coke but I am saying it’s ok to eat certain things in moderation.

Treat yourself 1 day a week, break off from the health kick your on and enjoy something naughty.

If you forever say no then you will crave things more and eventually eat more of that food.

Feel free to share what your chest food is!

F x

Fad diet more like bad diet 🚫

This subject grates on my bones!

I have so many people ask me about quick wins with losing weight … guess what … THERE ARE NONE!

If you want to lose weight and keep it off them you need you need to change your lifestyle and keep it that way.

Thinking that you can just drink Apple cider vinegar for a month or drink herbalife with make you forever thin is complete bollocks! Sorry but it is.

If you want to truly lose weight and keep it off, then the only thing that will work is a balanced diet and exercise and yes, you will have to carry on exercising throughout your life. Like I said it’s a lifestyle choice. Don’t expect to step on the stepper and lose 5lbs. It doesn’t work like that.

Now I’m not saying you need to be in the gym 5 times a week however here are a few things you can do without joining the gym and without exhausting yourself:

  1. Walk to work – if you live a mile or 2 away then walk or bike!
  2. Run up and down the stairs 10 times every day
  3. Grab some tins out of the cupboard and work your arms
  4. Squat whilst brushing your teeth
  5. Do leg raises off the side of your bed.
  6. Drink water!!!!!!!! Guys this is the best one and the easiest. How easy is it to drink 8 pints of beer, Well change it for water

It’s not hard to start being that little bit healthier! Fad diets do not work and more often that not you will end up gaining more weight when you stop than when you began!

Think about your lifestyle and start making them changes.

Look at the below and give them a go 👌

F x