The First Trimester!

Well incase you’ve never been pregnant before …. wow let me warn you, the first 12 weeks are hard! Extremely hard!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a really magical thing when you see your baby on the monitor for the first time but up until that point, it’s not! It’s a whirlwind of total crap! Sleepless nights, sickness in the mornings, going off your favourite food, or food in general, hating your other half and generally looking like a bag of balls. Yes ladies that’s the ugly truth about the first 13 weeks.

I mean who enjoyed it really???

I was sleeping for 9pm most nights, i went off tea!!!!!!!!! and i was so tired i was unable to exercise, which for an active person like me was utter torture!

Sex was a thing of dreams, i left my partner without sex for near on 6 weeks, poor bugger. But honestly ladies, it really is the hardest experience you will ever go through.

I found that the only thing that helped me was being outdoors in the open air, otherwise my make up was running off my face at 20 past 9!

What experiences did you have? share please because i thought i was going crazy! Apparently it’s normal??