Exercising whilst pregnant – It’s not a sin!

Ever since being pregnant by sugar cravings have spiralled out of control, yes I have become the cookie monster.

I eat more cake than a baker and that’s why I think it is so important to exercise. Now as pregnant women will know, the idea of exercise after a long day in work is like shaking hands with Hitler … not wanted, but it is still so important to keep active during pregnancy.

Now you’ve probably come across people saying ‘you shouldn’t be exercising’ or ‘that’s bad for the baby’, take it from me punch them in the throat! (Well not literally, but figuratively) Exercising when pregnant is excellent for you and the baby, if done in the right way.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of exercising whilst pregnant

  • Exercising makes it easier for you to get your figure back after the baby is born
  • By exercising you increase the strength of the baby’s heartbeat
  • You can have a better labour if you have kept active throughout your pregnancy
  • It reduces backache, yes ladies that god awful pain that makes you want to curl up in a ball, exercise can help with that!

And they are just a few, now I’m not suggesting you run a marathon or start training for a triathlon however if there is a swimming pool in your area then get your best swimsuit out and go for a swim. You will be amazed how much more energized you feel after you do a bit of exercise.

I swim twice a week with my partner and I love it, we also walk everywhere and yes I do still go to the gym.

If you want any advice with exercising whilst pregnant then contact me and I will try my best to give you the best advice I can 🙂



Hey there!

So after months of trying to convince myself to start a blog, here i am! And although I now have my very own blog i cannot disguise the fact that this is only a side thing i am doing as i still have a full time job and i’m in Uni full time. Where do i get the time hey?

So here is the usual bits and bobs; my name is Faye. I live in North Wales with my fiance and my two four legged handsome boys. I work in Welfare however my passion is not there. My passion lies with … FITNESS (and food). Yes i love fitness but i am also a huge foodie. I am you’re average girl, i want to look good but i also enjoy food. I love being in the gym but i find it very difficult to say no to a slice of cake!

Oh and i am 13 weeks pregnant!

I am hoping that through my posts i can inspire, relate to people and help empower everyday women.

Thanks for visiting.