Has your get up and go, got up and gone??!!

The above statement applies to so many of us when it comes to training! Even me!

There are days when we will have zero motivation and the thought of the gym is just gut wrenching, but have you ever thought you’re not enjoying exercising because you’re doing the wrong type of exercise?

Hear me out …

So when you exercise you release happy endorphins, this happens to all of us, so there is no escaping it. However, getting to these happy endorphins means you have to exercise and I find that a lot of people lack motivation because they don’t enjoy the exercise they do.

The gym isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, neither is weight lifting or running a marathon, but there are so many different types of exercise that you hopefully will find one that you enjoy.

I bet from the list below you can pick at least one form of exercise that you enjoy that isn’t the gym;

  • Taking the dog for a long walk
  • Playing squash
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Kick Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Hoola Hooping!

Yes, doing at least one of the above is a good form of exercise and they’re enjoyable. You don’t have to make working out the bain of your life, realistically if you don’t enjoy it then you’re not going to put as much effort in and you won’t get your desired results.

Do what makes you happy!

What type of exercising does everyone enjoy?



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Hi all Ok so this blog is about fitness, food and pregnancy. All the things that i am passionate about. If you too have a passion for them, or just fancy a read then take a look. Enjoy and participate :) Love F

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