Barely time for breakfast?

So I’m sat on the train going to Cardiff thinking how dam tired I am! This is the story of my life! As a woman working 2 jobs and doing uni part time I more or less walk around with my eyes shut and certainly don’t have time to prepare eggs Benedict every morning (as amazing as that would be). No my mornings entail me hopping around the house half naked with a brush stuck in my hair trying to feed two dogs and dress myself without having a nervous breakdown, sound familiar?

My problem was that because I used to skip breakfast, at about 10am I’d find myself becoming really hungry and snacking on crap! Then I discovered Herbalife.

Now Herbalife, I’m sure you’re thinking is another fad diet and if you use it for every meal I can imagine it could become that, so if that’s what you plan to do then this is not for you!

However if you’re like me and need a quick and healthy breakfast that will give you the energy and supplements you need to last you throughout the morning then I would seriously suggest trying these yummy shakes!

I’m currently using the mint choc chip formula 1 and have it with about 300 ml of rice milk. It tastes like mint aero which is delish!

If you want to know more about my favourite little shake, including nutritional value/where to buy/benefits then drop me a line.

Best thing to do is give it a try šŸ˜ŠšŸ’š

F x

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Hi all Ok so this blog is about fitness, food and pregnancy. All the things that i am passionate about. If you too have a passion for them, or just fancy a read then take a look. Enjoy and participate :) Love F

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